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  • Grand Gang: Crime Island

    Grand Gang: Crime Island

    Grand Gang: Crime Island is an epic open-world game with similarities to the iconic Grand Theft Auto series. You must work to become the most feared crime boss of all time and dominate the island. You can freely explore this vast city and practically do what you want – you can steal vehicles, attack other gangs and smuggle drugs and weapons.

    If you want, you can even hijack a helicopter and use its missiles and unleash devastation on your rivals. This game has a huge amount of possibilities and is great fun to play. You can bring out your inner crime lord and be as ruthless as you wish. The graphics are great and the city is fantastic to explore. Lead your gang to victory today and become the number one crime boss!

  • Controls/Instructions:

    WASD to move
    Left click to shoot
    F to enter vehicle
    Mouse scroll to change weapon
    Shift to run
    Space bar to jump
    R to restart game

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